Fatherhood Program

Fathers love their children and want them to fully reach their potential as productive people. However, because
of their role as financial providers, some fathers have been excluded from involvement in the upbringing of
their children.
Recently, fathers’ involvement in the well-being of their children has gained more recognition. Studies have
shown that without their fathers, children are five times more likely to be low income, two to three times more
likely to use drugs, and more than twice as likely to be incarcerated.
Having witnessed the consequences of this lack of fatherhood participation, ECISV has initiated Project Fa-
therhood. This program strives to optimize child development by providing the following comprehensive skills
for fathers:
 Responsible fatherhood
 Communication skills between father, children and family members
 Child development and well-being
 Distinguishing between Punishment and Discipline
 Preventing child abuse and neglect
 Preventing domestic violence
 Preventing children from drug use, alcoholism, and gang activity
 Job skills
The project targets New Refugees fathers and their children . At the end of the project, fathers are expected to
better raise their children to be safe, healthy, and productive members in the community.
Contact us for more information on free courses conducted both in Tigrina and English.
. For more information, contact Abraham Berhane206-234-42227